Interactive Glossary

Tired of the boring pencil and paper vocabulary activities?

Tired of looking up definitions, writing them down on a piece of paper and turning it in for a grade, never really feeling like you are really learning the words, but just sort of “going through the motions”? (This is an idiom, anyone know what it means? It means when you do something over and over and the actions do not mean anything to you anymore.) Well you can “kiss those days goodbye!” (Anyone know what that means? This phrase means the old ways of doing something is ending.)

From now on, we’re going to be 21st century learners using 21st century skills!

You’re going to be creating an online, interactive glossary for other ELL students around the world to view – you are going to be helping your fellow ELLs learn English right along with you!

Why? You might ask…

  • To learn, remember and internalize new vocabulary terms
  • To be able to teach them to other students
  • To use creativity, innovation, collaboration and critical thinking skills
  • To try something new!

Let's get started! Click on the link below to join and begin.

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